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Link to my Podcast Social Savior

~Jessica Israel

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5 Responses to Social Savior Podcast

  1. I really liked how you framed your podcast within the single moment of waking up in the morning– your imagery is beautiful and your use of the alarm and wood sound effects really made the podcast more engaging. I also thought your sound quality was excellent, particularly the narration!

  2. Alex White says:

    I like how your podcast is a story or a narration. I also like how you talk about all the aspects of social media, Hashtags, social media apps, everything. I can also relate to how we as people look to social media for the next update or wait for the next text message we will receive. The background music was nice and really completed your video. This was a nice podcast

  3. Lily says:

    The beginning made me feel a little anxious because of the alarm but I also think that including that was really good way to include visual aspects to your podcast.

  4. Austin says:

    I like how you wrote your script! I love the narrative! The overall audio experience was a pleasure. If there was a way for us to actual have visuals that would dope!

  5. I love your audio choices! Also, your choice to use a voiceover in your introduction, while still making it fun and inviting with your audio was genius!

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