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Counter- Example:

This counter-example challenges the typical Cinemagraph GIF, by changing the typical: scene, feel, and object in movement. Cinemagraphs, often display very little movement of a single object to allow for the appearance of the infant loop. The images typically appear relaxing, where the main source of movement comes from water. The scenes are most commonly in a natural environment, with few if any people. In this counter-example, there are many people, but to keep the general idea of the Cinemagraph only one person is moving. The movement is exaggerated compared to the minimalism of the standard Cinemagraph GIF. The scene takes place in the city instead of a rural area, and the panicked pacing of the individual illustrates an anxious mood. The individual who is the focus in the example is a white man, however, in the counter-example the main character is a black woman.  The counter-example also has a rainbow filter, which further exaggerates the contrast between the dominant Cinemagraph with a more neutral color pallet. To relate this Cinemagraph even more to current times, the people are spread out and all wearing masks.  

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  1. I really like your explanation of how your GIF is a counter to the example cinemagraph GIF. Your GIF draws attention to the woman in the center since she is the only moving feature, and the social-distancing undertones are very relevant to today. Additionally, I like how you kept the sense of scale in you counter-GIF by including the city skyline– it reminds me of the mountains in the background of the example GIF but establishes an urban setting that contrasts with the natural environment of cinemagraphs.

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