Alex White Photo Essay

This photo essay emphasizes that if you came from a city that was majority people of color, you can still be yourself. You do not need to try to put on an act or stay to yourself because you do not see many people that look like you. The College of Wooster is an amazing place with amazing people.

Photo Creds: All took by me except the last one Link:https:

4 thoughts on “Alex White Photo Essay

  1. Really great pictures! Your essay tells a wonderful story that is really engaging. The first picture you have as the background for the title was fantastic, I really liked how the picture continued to zoom in.

  2. Great photo essay! I really like how you used your photos to tell the story of someone moving in to college. Also, your captions are very engaging and do a great job of both providing encouragement to new students of color and encouraging other students to see our campus in a new way!

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