Austin Thomas Photo Essay

I am having issues with uploading my sway document. So, I decided to make a large PNG file that I attached here. I hope you guys enjoy!

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6 Responses to Austin Thomas Photo Essay

  1. I like how you united the whole photo essay with the black and white color scheme! It is interesting to see the contrast between the professional action shots and casual pictures of athletes having fun.

    • Austin says:

      Thanks! I wanted to use black and white for 2 main reasons.
      1. Inclusiveness, some people can’t perceive certain colors. So, having colors where everyone can see and read what I have developed works.
      2. This is an “old” event. Even though it was a couple days ago, it is still in the past. The B/W effect develops a sense of past events stronger.

  2. Alex White says:

    The white and black goes really well with what your topic was. Your photo essay is visually pleasing while telling a good story. The pictures are nice too

  3. I’ve heard recently that some athletes on campus decided to leave campus to go back home since holding practices were deemed to be too risky. These photos show that its possible to train safely and how professional you guys are about it, but sometimes unfortunate things come about. Great work on the photos!

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