The Exodox Podcast Ep. 2

Ever got some oddly specific advertisements from entering a few key words in a google search once? What about brands that always tempt you with items you want from previous window shopping searches? Maybe you watched one too many cat videos on YouTube and now the algorithm keeps suggesting you animal videos. Information on this and a bit more, tune into episode 2!

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  1. Songs that appear in order
    1. Pokemon Black & White 2 Battle! Colress Remix by [GlitchxCity]
    2. Spirit Blossom Thresh LoFi [By Riot Games]
    3. Lancer’s Theme Electro Swing Remix [By The Musical Ghost ft. Orenji Music]
    4. Revenge {Instrumental} [By Joyner Lucas]
    5. LoFi Hip Shop Extended Mix [By Dj CUTMAN]

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