3 thoughts on “Josie’s relationship with the digital world

  1. I complete relate with you- I feel like I rarely gain something from scrolling on my Instagram, and I end up just feeling like I missed out or I feel jealous of other people when I’m not much different from them when I only post fun things I did. I also like the suggestion you made: setting up a goal/purpose before using social media. I feel like that’ll help me use it for a better purpose whether that’s checking up on a friend I haven’t seen in a while, or if my favorite musician has any new songs.

  2. I enjoyed listening to your podcast throughout the whole time. Your story as a child is very relatable and it made me think of the time I had to convince my parents to download and make account on instagram, also because it was a trend in school.Thank you for sharing with us your personal experience with social media and digital world.

  3. I completely agree with your story about Instagram and relate to it in a way. I got Instagram in 7th grade thinking it was a platform to compete with one another to get the most followers. Now, I see Instagram in a completely different way but I still feel as if I wouldn’t be missing out on anything if I didnt have Instagram.

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