Photo Essay: Empathy Amidst Separation

The goal of this photo essay is to emphasize how students are showing empathy on campus and contrast this with areas where empathy is perhaps limited. I would greatly appreciate any constructive criticism!

GIF Lab Assignment

Counter-GIF 1: Environmental activism

GIF from
My counter-GIF

For this pair of GIFs, I hoped to contrast the norm of owning and driving cars with the potential of other forms of transportation to reduce pollution. I tried to achieve this by using a clip of someone doing tricks on a bicycle, which leads viewers to think that riding a bike can be ‘cool.’ I also used title text to convey a clear message, and aimed to make my GIF engaging by selecting a comedic video clip and adding bright colors and animation to the caption.

Counter-GIF 2: Reaction GIF

GIF from
My counter GIF

For these GIFs, my goal was to create a counter reaction GIF by using opposing digital production techniques. For example, I chose to use generic stock footage for my GIF to contrast with the TV and movie excerpts that most mainstream GIFs include. I also decided not include a caption for GIF so that it could be applied to a wider range of reactions and be open to interpretation by each user. Finally, my counter-GIF is visually contrasting with my example GIF since I chose to use slightly muted colors to give a more realistic tone.

Counter-GIF 3: Sports GIF

GIF from
My counter-GIF

Here, I hoped to contrast the overly-competitive side of televised sports with a sportsmanship mindset. I envisioned my counter-GIF being used during an online conversation between players after a sports game, so I decided to use cheerful colors and a positive caption so that viewers would feel a sense of encouragement after seeing this GIF. I also chose to create my own animations so that the viewer would not need specific sports background knowledge to understand the meaning behind the GIF.

Podcast: Exploring Digital Sustainability

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The beginning of the podcast starts out rather quietly, so I would recommend you listen with a volume of around 50%.

Thanks, and let me know if the link does not work properly!

Content from this podcast was inspired by Google’s Pixel 3a Product Environmental Report and 2018 Responsible Supply Chain Report, the World Health Organizations fact sheet on arsenic, and  Bianca Nogrady’s BBC feature “Your old phone is full of untapped precious metals.” Copyright-free music courtesy of Bensound: