From Stream, to Lake, to Ocean

Came across a red bridge while hiking on a local trail close to my home in Maryland in April 2019.

Schade, Julie. Hike. 17 April 2019. Author’s personal collection.

One of the Minnesota boundary lakes at sunset. My dad took this picture when we went on a five-day canoe trip with the Northern Tier High Adventure Camp in August 2021.

Schade, Mark. Northern Tier. 2 August 2021. Author’s personal collection.

A view of the Atlantic Ocean hiking along the cliffs of Howth, Ireland, July 2023.

Schade, Nicholas. Ireland. 2 July 2023. Author’s personal collection.

4 thoughts on “From Stream, to Lake, to Ocean

  1. I really love all your posts!! I like the background and views in all of your pictures. Also, the picture of the sunset is beautiful, and I know you have enjoyed being there…

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