Audio file posting tips

Hey all, in response to a few questions about what to do if your podcast file is too big to post directly here: Megan recommended putting the podcast on Soundcloud or another audio-hosting platform and then just adding the link to Voices (ideally by using the Embed option when sharing it–see below for instructions). If you don’t already use a hosting site, then you can also upload the file to your OneDrive storage space and then share it from there (once you’ve uploaded the file, then click the three dots to the right of it in your list of files, choose Share, and select the options—probably “anyone with the link” as otherwise people not logged in to OneDrive/Microsoft will get an error message).

Instructions for SoundCloud:
Soundcloud is a popular service created specifically for sharing music online. It’s basically YouTube for audio. You can use SoundCloud to host the audio you embed in your website. Instructions for using SoundCloud to embed content on your own website:
-Any audio file on SoundCloud that allows embeds will have a share button under the audio file. Press it.
-Click on Embed and choose either the large square player or smaller rectangular one. -Choose any options you require.
-Copy the code and paste it into your post.
For screenshots and full instructions, check this link:

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Quarantine Talks: Digital Capitalism;The Art of Surveillance (Rights to Privacy)


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The Zealy Archive

I attended the zoom meeting about the recently published book on daguerrotypes and a group of photos found that were taken in early photography. The reason for the photos, was to display African Americans as being inhuman. The photos, however, displayed them in the opposite manner. The photos were emotional and when viewing them one couldn’t even bare to think about what they had been through. The photography really forced me to think more about the different perspectives and the zoom call also provided many points, that had never occurred to me. I am glad I attended and hope to continue to think about new perspectives.

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Welcome to our course blog! This is where you will post reflections on course topics as well as your digital projects so that you have a collective audience (our class) rather than just an audience of one (your professor).

You’ll also read each other’s posts and enjoy each other’s projects, so this blog will serve as a great way to get to know each other, showcase your interests and creativity, and share your ideas–while strengthening your writing and creativity at the same time.

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