Image Project, Mara Radovic

Radovic, Mara. Selfie. August 13, 2023. Author’s personal collection.

This picture is the most recent selfie from my camera roll. I took this selfie a day before I came back to college. In this picture, I was on my way to meet with my friends for lunch. It was a very warm and sunny day so we agreed to dress up and take group pictures.

Radovic, Mara. Old Picture. October 3, 2018. Author’s personal collection.

This is a picture of myself that I took five years ago. I was very young, also I used to wear braces. This picture took place in my old school.

Radovic, Mara. Sister. June 5, 2023. Author’s personal collection.

This picture shows my role of being an older sister and it also represents my identity as an older sister. My sister and I took a picture of our ice creams during our family vacation. I love this picture because we were both so happy about this delicious ice cream. I picked this picture because I enjoy being a role model to my younger sister.

5 thoughts on “Image Project, Mara Radovic

  1. I really like your old picture 🙂
    The fact that you’re taking it in the middle of the school hallway really brings out the child-like excitement/innocence in the picture. Also, the lighting is very good in all the photos!

  2. I find you picking your role in life as an older sister to be absolutely beautiful. Not only are you making her happy by being there for her, guiding her, and giving her a reason to smile, but your role as an older sibling is also something that brings you joy — joy in giving joy to someone else. Thank you so much for sharing with us.

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