What makes me, me – selfie project

March 4, 2019

This photo was taken on my 15th birthday, and was taken by a film camera. Lots of my family have jobs in which they produce media, so I have always been surrounded by cameras, and thus grew a love for photography. I started taking film photography classes in 8th grade, and continued until I got to college. I loved how therapeutic the darkroom was, and loved watching my artwork come to light. I love how young my face looks in this picture, along with the lighting and composition of this image.

November 22, 2020

This photo was taken in November of 2020. Some family members of mine were high risk, so I rarely saw people other than those who lived with me. Two weeks prior to this photo being taken, I severely dislocated my knee, and was basically in bed 24/7 for two months, making me lose all mobility and muscle in my right leg. My parents built a fort in our backyard with an old couch and a space heater, and I would have my best friend over and we would watch movies together. She is the subject of the photo, but you can see my leg with my cast/brace on coming from the side- I lowered the saturation on this image to further convey the gloomy mood. This photo almost seems surreal, because a year prior to this photo being taken, I could have never predicted the position I would have been in.

April 14th, 2023

This photo was taken in April 2023, right before the Spring dance concert. Last year was my first full year back to dancing, because the two years prior I had either been injured or recovering from my knee surgery. I was extra excited for this concert because the piece I was dancing in I had also choreographed, and my parents were in the audience. I feel like the contexts between the previous image and this one is quite uplifting to see that I was able to return to dancing and that life returned to (semi) normal. I like my costumes are very dark, almost alluding the the mood of the previous photo, but the mood of this image is very bright.

5 thoughts on “What makes me, me – selfie project

  1. I really like your first photo! I feel like it has kind of an old-timey feel since it is in black and white, which connects to how it is an old photo of you from 4 years ago. I also like how dramatic the shadows are.

  2. I think the first two photos have such a strong character to them that it feels like you garner an immediate sense of who you are, but you can also look for a few more seconds and gain an appreciation for your finer editing points. Awesome!

  3. I like the final photo while it may not have been the most polished photo it brought everything together. It really gave a good representation of your story from being young and injured to being ready to go perform in a concert. The photos grab your attention really quickly and pull your attention to the story in a unique way.

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