Jackson’s final project storyboard

Statement of Ethical and Inclusive Design

I will be careful about the language used in my podcast. The language used in the podcast should be respectful, inclusive, and free from harmful stereotypes or biases. The tone should be welcoming and non-judgmental to create a safe space for all listeners. Also, since I’m planning to invite guest, it is essential to obtain informed consent before recording and sharing their stories or opinions. This includes explaining the purpose of the podcast, how their information will be used, and giving them the option to decline or withdraw their participation at any time.

5 thoughts on “Jackson’s final project storyboard

  1. The subject for your podcast sounds really interesting and insightful. It seems like you already have a thorough plan for each segment of your podcast, and I’m excited to see what examples you use to demonstrate each point. How do you plan to transition between each topic, given that the subjects in all the segments are very different from each other? You also have not included any sound effects or an introduction, which I think could really help you convey your points about social media.

  2. I like that you addresses at the beginning of your description that your podcast will be inclusive and without any stereotypes or bias. We all know that we have a lot of issues related to these things, and it is great that you made that clear. I think the planning and organization of your storyboard is very concise and clear. Also, it is good that you will mention and talk about some positives but also negatives that social media includes. Keep up the good work and I am excited to listen to your podcast!

  3. I think your topic is interesting in how you focus on the negative sides of social media. As a user of social media, it is good to be aware of the negative effects that social media can have on myself, as well as everyone else. I think the podcast would be more relatable if you included specific examples, such as platforms like Facebook, Instagram, or Twitter.

  4. I really like your subject for this project- I think that we are all aware of data collection via social media, but I am glad that your project is going to include tips on how to limit that. I think for section three, you will not have a problem in finding examples at all- maybe it would be interesting to bring up how social media sites are trying (or not trying) to regulate the output of false information. I am excited to see how this project goes!

  5. I like the subject for your project. I like how you switched it up to teach us on the negative sides of social media. It’s important to know the negatives just as much as getting to know the positives. I believe your podcast can be very beneficial to people who indeed need to hear this.

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