5 thoughts on “Laura Park Final Project Storyboard

  1. I really like the unorthodox approach to your storyboard. Most people used templates they found online but you created your own template so you might have a deeper understanding of your plan than others. Your topic is fantastic. I think there is an opportunity to analyze the difference in fanbases on social media.

  2. I really like that you decided to draw your storyboard that you will follow for your final project, it is very creative. Also, I think that you will make your final project very interesting with the topic you picked, and i cannot wait to see how will all this look at the end.

  3. I like the way you use to create the storyboard. You are good at drawing and you showed us how you are going to organize each part of your project. When I was reading your storyboard, it felt like I could just imagine your final work since you’ve given many details, and I think it’s going to be a good work. Hope you enjoy your final project.

  4. I love this storyboard and how clear it is. I am interested to see what the final result of your project will look like, and what media components will be used! For your interviews, I think even interviewing an outsider (who is not apart of either fanbase) on the matter would be very interesting.

  5. As a fellow music enthusiast, I’m excited to see the final product of your project. Your outline of the project is clear and well-detailed. I like how you chose to draw the outline instead of using online tools and templates. 화이팅!

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