Nick Schade’s Final Project Storyboard

Statement about Principles of Ethical and Inclusive Design

For this project I am going to focus on including a diverse amount of people in the images I use for each infographic. For some of the infographics like the one on facial recognition’s bias I will naturally need to incorporate images of people of different races and genders, since the subject pertains to how the software interacts with different races and genders. However, even in my infographics not directly related to issues of race or gender I will still make sure that the pictures of people I choose to incorporate represent different cultures or backgrounds. Since my audience is internet users in general, an audience comprised of many diverse groups of people, I want to make sure that a variety of people are visually portrayed in my infographics. I also want to focus on each infographic’s functionality and understandability. When incorporating text explanations, I will make sure that the font is large enough to be read by general audiences, even on smaller devices. The language in each infographic’s text will be sound, both free of stereotypes and assumptions but also breaking down the complex subject matter about digital media to a level that viewers just getting acquainted to each topic will be able to understand. As is part of the goal of my project, each of my infographics will go beyond the white, middle class American’s experience of the internet to examine the problems people of other cultures, races and genders face when interacting with digital media and technology. In some instances, multiple perspectives will be explored at one infographic, like in the one about media creators. Beyond challenging common misconceptions about digital media, my other primary goal of this project is to create visually appealing and interesting graphics. I want the images at the center of each infographic to highlight and even aid in explaining the points I am conveying by giving users a visualization of each topic. Multiple images will be included to display the different points conveyed in each separate block of text. Overall, the images and designs will help my audience to connect the lessons of each infographic back to their own experiences on the internet.

3 thoughts on “Nick Schade’s Final Project Storyboard

  1. I think your topic of myths in the digital media are really interesting. Like you said in your paragraph, your topic also ties in well with inclusive design. I am looking forward and am excited to see your final project.

  2. This is very detailed and I can tell you put a lot of effort into creating this. I love the little doodles and I can already picture your final product. I think it definitely would be a good idea to get more perspectives and opinions beyond your own for more diversity and inclusion.

  3. I enjoy how detailed this is! I already have a clear idea of what this will look like visually, and I am so excited to see the final product! I think some anecdotal aspects could be very interesting in the project as well.

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