3 thoughts on ““The Hills and I” – Kenneth’s StoryMap

  1. Your presentation is really well formatted! I liked your introduction at the start, and I found the rounded picture of the map of Rwanda helpful for understanding where your home country is geographically. Between all of the locations you wrote about I feel like a got a great, well-rounded sense of personal life before college! I also like how you broke down your information, putting locations of your family on the map and then including blocks of texts and images of other places from your childhood. It made your presentation more visually interesting and entertaining to scroll through, not to mention more organized since all your locations are sorted into categories.

  2. I absolutely love this story map! I have never been to Rwanda (although this made it move even higher on my travel list!) but I felt that this was very informative. I loved all of your personal connections to each locations- especially to the restaurants. Although we grew up in two different locations, I was brought back to my childhood and my family’s little traditions with certain places. Visually, I really enjoy the cohesive colors you used throughout the story map, along with how easy to comprehend the information was. Amazing job!

  3. I loved you StoryMap, Kenneth.I really enjoyed reading about your hometown since i did not know a lot about it before. But, as Josie said, your project definitely made Rwanda even higher on my travel list. All the pictures you used are fascinating and I simply enjoyed looking at them! Also the food is a vey good way of telling us more about your home country and culture, I can tell you definitely miss it!
    Looks great, well done!

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