3 thoughts on “Rowan’s Storyboard

  1. I like how simple and easy to read this is 🙂 I think this will become a very meaningful project- the only thing I want to know is what format or platform(s) you will be using to create your project on?

  2. I like your storyboard since it’s easy and clear to read. I guess you are going to create a storymap and I think it means a lot for the villagers live on the island with you before. I’m looking forward for your final work!

  3. I like your storyboard and the way you managed to organize/plan your project so it is easy to understand! Also, it is a great idea that you included pictures in it. I like that you picked to talk about places that do not have an access to technology, and I can’t wait to hear more about it. This seems like it is going to be very interesting project.

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