3 thoughts on “Sam’s Storyboard

  1. I like your idea of giving everyone in the class access to your script, that will be really useful for taking notes and for going back over parts of the podcast we miss for any reason. I’m still not completely sure on what your topic is just from reading this storyboard. Is it BeReal? If that’s your plan, I think going over the app in more depth could be really interesting. You need to convey a clear goal with your storyboard. Overall, I also like how you have considered sound effects and an intro for the podcast. I think it could be really interesting if you include sound effects or descriptions that invoke some of the images you show in each segment of your storyboard.

  2. I am fascinated with your pictures and the way you edited them, it really made your storyboard look great visually. By looking at you boxes, I noticed that you covered the requirements, such as making connections to class, and inclusivity and design justice applications.Try to give us some clear examples of how BeReal is/is not inclusive app. Looking forward to seeing and enjoying your project!

  3. I like the way you created this storyboard. You used several pictures for each section of your storyboard but you are doing a podcast, and I think this is great since your pictures show people the direct purpose of each of your sections. I’m looking forward to how you are going to use background music and sound effects to show us these pictures but instead in a podcasting way. Hope you’ll enjoy your project!

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