Shaunta Palmer – Storyboard

For this project, I want to make it more of a historical viewpoint and context. I wanted to show the timeline difference between preserving history before technology took over. When looking at this project I wanted to emphasize the lack of preservation of African American families. I did not want to edit the photo too much as I felt that would take away from the people who took the photos. While this project is targeted more toward Black American families I did think it was important that White Americans also see the lack of preserving of Black Americans.

Statement of Ethics

To make my project more exclusive I will be using a website that can be accessed by all and have a more ethical approach to how you can access the website. I wanted to find a website that provides not only accessibility to the website but also gives back to the communities with not as much technology or support as my own. This project will follow the best practice of providing a platform that can be accessible to the majority of the world and also using a more basic form of English so non-native speakers can translate it more easily. I want to make sure that Black American history was the center of my project so I made sure to curate the project based around a Black American family.

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