Cinemagraph GIF


Counter- Example:

This counter-example challenges the typical Cinemagraph GIF, by changing the typical: scene, feel, and object in movement. Cinemagraphs, often display very little movement of a single object to allow for the appearance of the infant loop. The images typically appear relaxing, where the main source of movement comes from water. The scenes are most commonly in a natural environment, with few if any people. In this counter-example, there are many people, but to keep the general idea of the Cinemagraph only one person is moving. The movement is exaggerated compared to the minimalism of the standard Cinemagraph GIF. The scene takes place in the city instead of a rural area, and the panicked pacing of the individual illustrates an anxious mood. The individual who is the focus in the example is a white man, however, in the counter-example the main character is a black woman.  The counter-example also has a rainbow filter, which further exaggerates the contrast between the dominant Cinemagraph with a more neutral color pallet. To relate this Cinemagraph even more to current times, the people are spread out and all wearing masks.  

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GIF Lab Assignment

Counter-GIF 1: Environmental activism

GIF from
My counter-GIF

For this pair of GIFs, I hoped to contrast the norm of owning and driving cars with the potential of other forms of transportation to reduce pollution. I tried to achieve this by using a clip of someone doing tricks on a bicycle, which leads viewers to think that riding a bike can be ‘cool.’ I also used title text to convey a clear message, and aimed to make my GIF engaging by selecting a comedic video clip and adding bright colors and animation to the caption.

Counter-GIF 2: Reaction GIF

GIF from
My counter GIF

For these GIFs, my goal was to create a counter reaction GIF by using opposing digital production techniques. For example, I chose to use generic stock footage for my GIF to contrast with the TV and movie excerpts that most mainstream GIFs include. I also decided not include a caption for GIF so that it could be applied to a wider range of reactions and be open to interpretation by each user. Finally, my counter-GIF is visually contrasting with my example GIF since I chose to use slightly muted colors to give a more realistic tone.

Counter-GIF 3: Sports GIF

GIF from
My counter-GIF

Here, I hoped to contrast the overly-competitive side of televised sports with a sportsmanship mindset. I envisioned my counter-GIF being used during an online conversation between players after a sports game, so I decided to use cheerful colors and a positive caption so that viewers would feel a sense of encouragement after seeing this GIF. I also chose to create my own animations so that the viewer would not need specific sports background knowledge to understand the meaning behind the GIF.

Category: Funny

This counter GIF works against the GIF I found in the idea of the GIF above. I decided to make fun of the GIF above. The GIF above the guy basically pulls the turtle neck so the girl can’t see anything. Since her turtle neck is orange it made me think it looks like a pumpkin. This is how my GIF was created. The GIF above made me think about pumpkins especially since it’s getting closer to fall.

Category: Reaction

This counter GIF works against the GIF I found in the idea of the GIF above. I decided to make fun of the GIF above. The GIF above is one of the cartoon characters from Fairly Odd Parents. Her eye is twitching in terms of stress which is what the GIF is under for category. The GIF above made me think about making a joke out of it. I decided to make a winking GIF as a joke of her reaction even though it is clear her eye is twitching.

Category: Animals

This counter GIF works against the GIF I found in the idea of the GIF above. I decided to make fun of the GIF above. The GIF above is of a bear dancing. I thought the person did a great job dancing. I decided I wanted to make another dear dancing but doing the minimum. This is where I got the idea of having my bear do the whip. I just wanted it to be super simple and funny.

GIFs and Counter GIFs

Examples of GIFS that fit typical categories or genres, and counter-GIFS:

The classic football GIF. . .

. . . and a counter-GIF:



A classic horse racing GIF . . .

. . . and a counter-GIF:


A classic “Keep Calm” GIF . . .


. . . and a counter-GIF:


A classic “kiss” GIF:

And the counter-GIF:

Concluding pointers from Jordan . . . counter-GIFs contradict the normalized perception generated by standard Gifs. This means that there are a wide range of counter Gifs that can be used/created. There is no perfect formula for counter Gifs, but rather students should take a creative approach to contradicting the norm of a standard Gif.