Alex White Photo Essay

This photo essay emphasizes that if you came from a city that was majority people of color, you can still be yourself. You do not need to try to put on an act or stay to yourself because you do not see many people that look like you. The College of Wooster is an amazing place with amazing people.

Photo Creds: All took by me except the last one Link:https:

Photo Essay: Empathy Amidst Separation

The goal of this photo essay is to emphasize how students are showing empathy on campus and contrast this with areas where empathy is perhaps limited. I would greatly appreciate any constructive criticism!

Rondon Caesar Cinemagraph GIF

The first video clip is beautiful imagery of San Francisco. My counter GIF is within my second and third clip, showing San Francisco during an earthquake. My San Francisco GIF shows that not only is it a beautiful tourist attraction, don’t forget the hazards and disasters that can occur to this environment.

Rondo Caesar Reaction GIF

My GIF that i have here is a reaction GIF. The first video clip shown is if you were minding your own business and you hear someone talking about one of your friend. The second video clip is when the people that was talking about your friend says something good, this would be your reaction in your head clapping. Often times people jump to conclusions when hearing something sometimes it could be an uplifting conversation.

GIF #1: Fandom

The GIF I created works against the original fandom GIF because it shows the rest of the story which isn’t one that we typically associate with superheroes. We typically expect the superheroes to come out on top, however my GIF showcases the opposite. 

GIF #2: Reaction

The GIF I created is a counter GIF to the first because it provides a different ending than what may be expected. The ulterior ending depicts a scene that is relevant to current events in the U.S. and may be personal for some viewers.

GIF #3: Reaction

The GIF I created is a counter GIF to the original because like my other GIFs, my interpretation is relevant to the target group of all students. Additionally, my interpretation provides a perspective that is unlike any other interpretation or context that this GIF has been used in previously. Essentially, the GIF I created is unexpected and offers a new perspective for where this GIF can be used in the future.

Fandom/Reaction GIF


Counter- Example:

This counter-example challenges the typical Fandom/Reaction GIF, through pointing out how we say we reacted compared to how we actually react. In the example, the typical fandom reaction GIF is a short clip of a character where the individual displays exaggerated movements. This lol Fandom GIF would typically be used when someone responds to something funny on a text. You might send the laughing mouse in response to a joke a friend sent, but it is unlikely that you actually laughed out loud. In the counter GIF, Jerry, the mouse shows, little reaction to a joke sent to him by his friend reacting with just a small smile.  However, even though his reaction was small, he replies with exaggerated emotions. When using GIFs, we allow them to embellish our actual feelings.